• Please arrive at the time given by your surgeon or Quay Park Surgical staff.
  • On arrival, please report to the reception at Quay Park Surgical Centre when registration and a check of all your personal details will occur. Following this, there will be a short wait before you are shown to the pre-operative room, where you will get changed into a theatre gown and a nurse will prepare you for theatre. During this time you will be asked a variety of questions, some may be repetitive but this is to ensure that all relevant information is known by all necessary team members. You will be seen by your surgeon and anaesthetist during this time so if you have any questions this is the time to ask and please feel free to do so. Once all theatre preparation is complete you will be taken from this room to the operating room for your operation.

  • Who should accompany you?

All children should be accompanied by an adult, as the presence of a parent can provide a great source of comfort to a child. We encourage you to stay with your child in the pre-operative area prior to surgery. After the procedure when your child is conscious, the nursing staff will notify you and take you through to the first stage recovery area of the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU). Arrangements should be made for other children to be cared for at home.

  • You will be unable to drive any form of vehicle for a period of 24 hours following your operation, as the anaesthetic medications given, take a period of 24 hours to be completely eliminated from the body. Therefore we require you to arrange a friend or family member to collect you from Quay Park Surgical Centre, drive you home and stay with you for a period of 24 hours following your surgery.