Before your admission

  • Admission forms

The Anaesthesia Assessment/Patient Questionnaire will have been provided to you by your surgeon. It is important that you complete these forms and return them to Quay Park Surgical Centre one week prior to your surgery date. This will ensure that confirmation of your booking occurs and all required information is obtained.

The information you provide on these forms is extremely important as it assists the Quay Park Surgical team in maintaining your safety at all times, and failure to return this documentation may result in cancellation of your surgery.

  • Medical Insurance

Please contact your health insurance company with the estimate your surgeon has provided at least one week prior to your surgery date. This will assist you to obtain prior approval for your surgery and to clarify what is covered under your policy. Please bring your approval letter or prior approval number from your insurance company with you on the day of your admission.

  • ACC

Quay Park Surgical is authorised to provide elective surgery for ACC approved patients. If your surgery is covered by ACC, your specialist/surgeon will arrange the required information and provide this to ACC.