Preparing for surgery

All patients having a General, Sedation or Regional Anaesthetic, must not eat or drink for six hours prior to surgery unless advised otherwise by your surgeon. This includes not having chewing gum, sweets or sips of water. Afternoon surgery patients are encouraged to have a light breakfast, eg. tea and toast before 6:30am on the morning of the procedure but nothing to eat or drink after this time.

  • We advise parents to watch their child to ensure they do not eat or drink for the period of time stipulated by the anaesthetist on the Specialist Instructions form.
  • Do not smoke for at least 24 hours prior to your operation.
  • Take your medication with a sip of water on the day of your operation, unless advised otherwise. See the Specialist Instruction form in this booklet to ensure you understand your medication instructions as documented by your anaesthetist.
  • All diabetic patients will have a specific food and insulin management and medication plan that will be discussed with you by your anaesthetist and documented on the Specialist instruction form.
  • In order for your surgery to proceed you must be in good health. If you develop symptoms of a cold, sore throat or other illness in between seeing your surgeon and coming to Quay Park Surgical Centre, please contact your surgeon for advice. Please ensure that your surgeon, anaesthetist and the Quay Park Surgical Team are aware of such symptoms.
  • Please bath or shower on the morning of your operation.
  • Please remove all jewellery, including body piercing and nail polish.
  • Arrange a friend or family member to drive you home following your surgery, as you will be unable to drive a car for 24 hours after your operation.
  • Please arrange for a family member or friend to stay with you overnight. This is a requirement for all patients who have a General Anaesthetic or Local Anaesthetic with Sedation (LAIV).