Your rights and obligations

At Quay Park Surgical Centre, we respect the culture, values and beliefs of all our patients. Should you have any special needs, please inform us prior to your admission so that we can make the necessary arrangements. If you require an interpreter, our staff can organize this for you but an additional charge will be incurred for this service. It is important that you understand all the benefits and risks of your surgery. If you feel that your personal privacy has been breached or that you have not been treated with dignity and respect, or that the care you received has not been of a professional standard you have the right to make a complaint.

To help improve our service, we welcome your suggestions and comments. These can be made verbally or in writing to your doctor, the Centre Manager or to the Nursing staff. You may also contact the Health Advocacy Service and/or the Health and Disability Commissioner.

Contact numbers are as follows:

  • Quay Park Surgical Centre: (09) 919 2500
  • Health Advocacy Service: 0800 555 050
  • Health & Disability Commissioner: 0800 112 233