Quay Park Surgical is a purpose built unit with the latest equipment and technology.

For Surgeons

As a surgeon, Quay Park Surgical can offer you a superb operating environment, quality service and the professional support you need. We call this the Quay Park Surgical difference:


Quay Park Surgical work to ensure flexibility so you can meet your ACC and other timeframes now.

We can also bring in extra equipment to meet your needs.


Our surgeons and anesthetists tell us that Quay Park Surgical offers a stylish environment with excellent layout, well-trained and flexible staff and top-notch surgical equipment. We have an enthusiastic, sociable team with a good age mix, not to mention great food and coffee.

Quay Park Surgical specifically caters to the needs of day-stay and short-stay patients, with easy access to motorways and public transport. It contains three operating theatres, a fully equipped sterilisation department, six first stage Post Anaesthetic Care beds, second stage recovery with Lazy Boy chairs and a ward comprising four inpatient rooms.

If you are interested in operating at Quay Park Surgical please enquire as below:

Surgeon enquiries: manager@quayparksurgical.co.nz

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Why do surgeons and anaesthetists choose Quay Park Surgical Centre?

  • Affordable prices for patients
  • A pleasant environment
  • Well trained staff, eager to help
  • Personalized and tailored service (to suit surgeons)
  • Efficient with excellent turnover times
  • Nice decor (not too clinical)
  • Close to motorway
  • Flexible - will start operating earlier if requested
  • Excellent reputation
  • Great food and great coffee
  • Well planned layout (good for patient flow)
  • Quality surgical equipment.
  • Willing to get extra equipment if required
  • Sociable team, after work drinks and great parties
  • Good age mix
  • Quality service focus and consistency
  • Small and personal

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